Student Loan Consolidation - What You Can Do Now

The federal government has changed the subsidies banks receive for funding student education loans, they make less than half of what they used to make in some instances. The banks are fighting back by not funding new student education loans, or offering consolidations. The banks are trying to force the federal government to rescind the changes that were made towards the program.

If you are looking for a federal direct loan consolidation, you have two choices. You can call your present lender and hope they will consolidate your financial loans. If they will not consolidate your loans, your other option is to undergo Direct Loans, this is basically the government. There webpage is: ed. gov/DirectLoan/ - In the left hand side from the page is a link to consolidation.

They also provide a section for current students. you will have the ability to find information on how to apply for and receive new federal student education loans. just click on the word student in the main body of the page and it will require you right where you need to go. For those who have already filled out paperwork for a Pell Give, it should tell you already if you be eligible or not.